Charles Satoru Asao

August 2, 1932 - March 5, 2009


This site is in memory of my Dad, Charles Asao who passed away suddenly on March 5th, 2009.  This site is to celebrate his life, remember him and to share our stories with him.

He was a great Dad.  I realize this more now in retrospect.  He will be greatly missed.  It’s interesting how life works.  We just acknowledged the 2 year anniversary of his passing and

I realize with each day that passes what a great Dad he was.   He sacrificed a lot for us, especially me.  He worked a lot of long hard hours to ensure that we were taken care of.  We didn’t have the money to go on extravagant trips but he always made sure we went on our many camping weekends.  I remember them all fondly.  

To Dad:  “Thank you for all your guidance, experiences and help you provided me throughout my life.  Mostly, thank you for all the sacrifices you made to help make my life as good as it could be.  It’s now up to me to take the soft skills you’ve provided .......and use them to complete my life.  Hopefully I will have children of my own some day to continue passing these on to.”